Help Promote Safe Chemicals with the Stroller Brigade

August 11th, 2011

On Wednesday August 10th, the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families campaign coordinated the Safer Chemicals Stroller Brigades. Moms across the country participated in local events to ask their Members of Congress to be leaders in protecting American families from toxic chemicals.

The following cities held this event:

1.        Hartford, Connecticut
2.        Wilmington, Delaware
3.        Lexington, Kentucky
4.        Portland, Maine
5.        Baltimore, Maryland
6.        Boston, Massachusetts
7.        Missoula, Montana
8.        New York, New York
9.        Portland, Oregon
10.      Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
11.      Abilene, Texas
12.      Seattle, Washington

Most events featured a stroller brigade where people walked to their Senator’s office to hand deliver letters of support for the Safe Chemicals Act.

Albemarle supports the stroller brigade and their efforts to promote safe chemicals that including flame retardants, green principles and sustainability.

For more information on safe chemicals, view:
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World Demand for Flame Retardants Additives to Reach 2.2 Million

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